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Meet CIMON, the 1st Robot with Artificial Intelligence to Fly in Space

Early this morning (June 29), a small robot endowed with artificial intelligence (AI) launched on a two-day trip to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX’s Dragon cargo capsule. No other AI-equipped machine has ever flown to space before, project team members said.

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How We Can Prepare For Artificial Intelligence Job Displacement

What should be done to prepare for a job displacement across many industries due to AI?

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Will email overload be solved by artificial intelligence?

Why can’t Gmail write whole emails, sending long, chatty updates to far-flung friends?

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How ARM Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Supercharge Its Patents

When it came to doing the due diligence on ARM’s patents, the usually long and laborious process that can last for weeks on end sped through in just a couple of days. The reason was software powered by artificial intelligence that could read documents at light speed, compared to humans.

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