Adverai Unveils Transformational AI Platform and App Suite to Create the Meta-understanding of Marketing for Advertisers

Get the instant answers to all big questions. Drive faster evidence-based decision-making. Transition to real-time optimisation. Released today, Meta & MetaOS 2.0 from Adverai is the artificial intelligence platform and suite of apps for advertisers looking to improve the output of their marketing.

Adverai applies machine learning and neural networks to make sense of all marketing tools, platforms, and datasets. Meta and MetaOS spot patterns in billions of data points to help brands deliver better marketing – on a massive scale.

The release of Meta and MetaOS 2.0 enables marketers to track all ads, campaigns, and channels in one place, stay informed with intelligent event streams and get advice in real-time, ask Meta and get the immediate evidence-based answers to all big questions, and to forecast, optimise, and automate marketing.

One tool to manage and optimise marketing

With the release of Adverai Meta and MetaOS 2.0, advertisers can bring together their marketing data into a single intelligent tool, taking their marketing teams to the next level with real-time tracking, measurement, and automation. Advertisers can understand marketing effects and detect essential patterns about ads, campaigns, markets, and brands. The collaborative features bring together marketing teams, creatives, and media agencies.

Adverai Meta is the application that transforms massive amounts of advertising data into predictions that help advertisers drive faster evidence-based decision-making to increase sales, optimise advertising, and make marketing strategies more successful.

Introducing Meta Optimise, Meta Answers, and Meta Events

Meta Campaigns tracks all ads, campaigns, and channels in one place and automatically organises data from all marketing channels in one place and allows you to track effect and spend on every campaign and ad in real-time.

Marketers can use Meta Answers and get immediate answers to the big questions in marketing. This allows users to find evidence of patterns in their marketing data and ask hundreds of questions to get instant answers explained in clear and insightful visual narratives. Meta Optimise enables marketing teams to forecast, optimise and automate their marketing.

“Meta is your personal data scientist; it gives you the evidence and tools to detect anomalies, optimise spend and model the outcome of ‘what-if’ scenarios,” says Jay Solomon, Head of Science and Founder of Adverai.

Adverai Meta is underpinned by MetaOS, Adverai’s proprietary massive-scale data and machine learning platform for marketing. MetaOS provides advertisers with a complete understanding of their marketing data ecosystem. The platform’s core capabilities enable advertisers to connect the entire ecosystem of marketing data, enrich and add meaning with Adverai’s Neural Engine, detect patterns and to learn, predict and forecast.

Adverai Meta and MetaOS are offered as a bundle with a yearly licence and are implemented within two weeks. As of today, Adverai Meta and MetaOS are available to advertisers headquartered in Europe and the US.

For more information, visit or send a note to to get a download link of our press-kit including high-resolution images of in-app visuals. For interview requests or questions from the media, please reach out to Mathias Eriksson at +44 20 3287 0024 or +46 702 281 477 or send a note to

For details on pricing and features, reach out to book a demo with one of our product specialists at

Adverai Ltd is a London- and Stockholm-based applied AI company building the next generation data, computation, and experience engines for marketing. We are a diverse team of engineers and designers who care about building transformational products.
Adverai is a member of the Scalable family of companies, an incubator that invents, builds, and launches applied AI products and ventures. Scalable Ltd is based in London, United Kingdom

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